CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Lorain Boost Mobile employee assaulted over return policy

LORAIN, Ohio - A hostile Boost Mobile customer was caught on camera assaulting an employee at the store in Lorain, because he was unhappy with the store's return policy.

In the January 23rd incident, the customer can be seen on video flipping the computer and equipment at the front desk over, then charging the employee behind the counter before storming out of the building. 

"He was trying to threaten his way into getting something done. The store employees sustained an injury when the computer screen crashed back into him," Detective Chris Colon with Lorain police told News 5.

The angry customer, who police have not formally identified yet, is looking at vandalism and possibly assault charges, according to Detective Colon. 

"We make an arrest and send a message out, 'hey this is not going to be allowed in our city.'"

Lorain Police officials told News 5 this is something we can all learn from. He said the Boost Mobile employee reacted in the best way possible by not engaging the man in a fight. 

"If he's bold enough to throw a computer screen at somebody, you have no idea what he's going to do. What else is it going to escalate to?"

But with this type of incident becoming more common, especially with shoplifters and violent thefts, News 5 asked Detective Colon the safest way to react if you're a witness to a crime in a store or other public place.

"That's a touchy situation. Some people may want to intervene and help out the store employee, which there's a risk in that type of involvement. You don't know what they guy has, a weapon could be turned on you. I would say at the very least, get on your phone and call 911, call the police."

Boost Mobile did not respond to our request for a comment on the incident.

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