Coroner speaks out about deadly heroin epidemic

Posted at 5:29 PM, Apr 27, 2016

Two to three people die every week in Lorain County from overdosing on heroin or fentanyl according to Lorain County Coroner Dr. Stephen Evans.

"It's a tragedy, it's the families, the mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. It's a tragedy we're losing a lot of young people 25 to 35 age group, we're losing these people in the prime of their lives,” Evans said.

Dr. Evans says Lorain County is on pace to have 120 deadly overdoses this year, a number he believes would be even higher if not for Narcan, which can reverse an overdose. 

"It's a lifesaver. we started our Narcan program in Lorain County back in 2013 we saved well over a hundred people. We have had some people who reused and got into trouble, but a lot of the other people that we've treated have gone onto rehab and a productive life,” Dr. Evans said.

Dr Evans said he has seen teenagers get their wisdom teeth out, get hooked on prescription painkillers, then turn to cheaper heroin.

SOT "When you go to the doctor and you have your sprained ankle don't ask for vicaden and percocet say tylenol or motrin will do just fine,” Evans said.