Elyria schools vote to go back after Labor Day

Posted at 4:05 PM, Feb 08, 2017

Elyria Schools were going back to school in early August on some of the hottest days of the year. 

The school board voted this year to start going back after Labor Day next year.

Human Resources Director for Elyria Schools, Gary Taylor, said many of the non-air-conditioned schools and classrooms were over 100° last August.

"Most of our buildings do not have modern day HVAC systems," said Taylor.

Ohio State Senator Gayle Manning, who represents Lorain and Huron counties, introduced Senate bill 34 which makes it state law for public Schools to start after Labor Day.

"What I am hearing from parents and teachers is that it's too hot in the classroom, A lot of the windows aren't opening as wide as they used to because they worry about someone coming into the classroom," Manning said.

Elyria Schools shortened winter and spring breaks so the school year wouldn't go into June. Manning said it would give families more time to take summer vacations and help tourism.

"But I also know our parents, don't have the opportunity to take vacations or spend time with their children in August," Manning said.

If the bill passes, schools could opt out of going back after Labor Day, but only if they hold public hearings to get input from parents.

"I agree with that completely and most of the time it's entirely too hot to go back, before Labor Day," said Rachel Banhidy who has four kids in Elyria Schools.

"Oh I think it's smart, when we went to school that's how it was done, I think that summer vacation shouldn't end in August," said Jerry Moran who also has children in the Elyria School District.

Some Cleveland schools start back in early August, 

A school spokesperson said that allows students more time to prepare for state testing.