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Family finally meets good Samaritan who gave CPR to loved one

Posted at 6:42 PM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 18:42:36-04

On Sunday, the Petroskey family was sitting in Mercy Hospital in Lorain, praying for 62-year-old Randy Petroskey's recovery. At the same time, they were looking for a mystery man who performed CPR on Petroskey, and who may very well have saved his life. 

“I want him to know that I appreciate him giving me and my husband at least for a little bit longer,” said Pamela Petroskey, Randy's wife.

On Monday, the Petroskey family met their mystery good Samaritan: Louis Otero.

“I was, I was so worried,” said Otero. It turns out, Otero was trying to track Pamela and the Petroskey family down as well.

Otero said he’d been calling the hospital for days, searching for her and her husband.

“I told my brothers, I told my whole family, to just pray for this guy,” Otero said.

The whole incident started Thursday afternoon when Pamela Petroskey was trying to take her husband to the ER after an asthma attack but had to pull over because he got worse.

“You ain’t thinking - it’s just instant,” Otero said, recalling the moment he hopped out of the car when he saw the Petroskeys while working on the construction site next to where their car was parked.

As a former EMT for NASA, Otero's training from the past kicked in and he knew he had to help, giving Randy CPR before EMS came.

“Like you said, 'Right time, right place,' when you pulled over and I saw the look on your face I knew something was wrong,” Otero said to Pamela Petroskey.

“I guess we had a guardian angel,” Petroskey said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

When they met today, they filled in the pieces of what happened, recognizing in the heat of the moment, it was all a blur.

“I’m just glad I could help,” Otero said.

Now as her husband continues to fight for his life, they both agreed their meeting wasn’t just coincidence, and for Pamela, she says Otero will forever be in her heart.

“I feel like he’s like part of my husband," she said.

Right now, Randy Petroskey is still in the ICU and is unconscious. The family plans to keep in touch with Otero from now on.

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