Grant helps Lorain Palace Theatre get repairs

Posted at 3:31 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 16:27:21-04

A state grant will allow the Lorain Palace Theatre to get some TLC. It's hoped renovations and updates will attract more people to downtown Lorain.

Maintenance on the original organ from 1928 is just the beginning of renovations to Lorain’s 88-year-old Palace Theatre. 

Palace Director Kurt Hernon said new stage curtains will replace raggedy curtains that fall without warning.

New fire exits will be installed. 

Loose bricks mean the foundation needed repaired, and the place needed roofing and plumbing updates. 

The $150,000 state grant was just the beginning. 

Management applied for other grants for the sprawling 1,400 seat theater.

Heron called the Palace the star of downtown Lorain and said it proves it can attract people from all over with plays, concerts and comedians.

"With vibrancy here at the Palace, it's going to create a need for restaurants, shops in downtown Lorain,” Hernon said.

Pre-sale tickets for Friday night's showing of Purple Rain is not only a tribute to Prince, but proof this theatre can be a regional draw.

“People have already bought tickets from Port Clinton, Huron, Shaker, Wakeman, Norwalk, it's overwhelming" Hernon said.

To celebrate it's 88th birthday, the Palace Theatre will show the movie Chicago this Saturday night, a movie based on the roaring 20s.

People in Lorain hope this beautiful theater can help downtown Lorain come roaring back to life.