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High winds cause significant damage to LaGrange in eastern Lorain County

Posted at 10:17 PM, Nov 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 18:17:23-05

As a line of severe storms raced through Northeast Ohio Sunday night and downtown LaGrange in eastern Lorain County took a direct hit.

Several businesses suffered extensive damage.

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Lee Grissinger owns the building that is home to the Trendsetters Beauty Salon and an accounting firm.

The building had a sidewall blown out, the back of the building is bowed, and most of the roof was blown off.

“The only thing holding the roof on right now is one corner, and if that corner comes loose more than likely the rest of the roof is going to come down,” Grissinger said.

He isn’t sure, but believes all of the damage in LaGrange could’ve been caused by a tornado.

“I would think a tornado, but we had real high winds, because there’s a lot of stuff gone. The building next door is missing a roof,” Grissinger said.

Jason Raber is the manager of LaGrange Hardware where a large section of the roof was ripped off as the storms blew through.

Part of the metal roof was left twisted around a nearby power pole.

“A terrible storm come through, just a mess, we lost a third of our roof off the back of the store,” Raber said.

Across from the hardware store, the roof was blown of an ice cream shop.

Power lines and trees are down throughout the area.

“They’re talking tornados I don’t know, if it was a tornado or high winds, part of our roof took out power lines. It’s all scattered throughout the neighborhood. Thankfully nobody got hurt,” Raber said.

If the storm damage wasn’t bad enough, much of LaGrange was without power Sunday night.