Judge wants to meet the man whose life she saved following his overdose

Posted at 7:50 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 19:51:17-04

Lorain County Domestic Court Judge Sherry Glass deals with life impacting decisions every day. Little did she know that she would be in a life or death situation outside of the courtroom.

Glass got home from work a little earlier than normal on Monday and was making dinner when all of a sudden a man started pounding on her door screaming, "My friend's dying, my friend's dying."

She quickly realized it was a true emergency. A man had overdosed, and his friend was trying to get help. Glass believes he stopped at her house because her husband's Lorain County Sheriff's patrol car and Narcan. "My husband's cruiser was pulled in the driveway. He wasn't home he was running an errand," said Glass.

Glass got the keys to the cruiser but had no idea where the life-saving drug was in the car. She called her husband who told her where to find the drug and helped her through it. 

"He looked gray, I thought he was dead," said Glass. She said the man had a very faint pulse. She administered one dose of Narcan. EMS and deputies soon arrived. "The deputies got there, they pulled him out of the car and onto the driveway. He was lifeless. They gave him two more doses," explained Glass.

The man eventually responded and was taken away by ambulance. Lorain County Sheriff's Deputy Dan Strohsack said he is very proud of his wife. 

Glass said she doesn't know who the man is but would like to meet him. Glass also oversees the county's Family Drug Court and would like to talk with the unidentified man.