Lorain County Community College could offer bachelor's degree in one of its most successful fields

Lorain County Community College could offer bachelor's degree in one of its most successful fields
Posted at 5:13 PM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 17:15:51-04

Student Jared Dumont studies microelectronic engineering at Lorain County Community College.

He not only chose LCCC because it offers a major he likes, but he feels it offers an affordable two year degree.

“This degree program was just a perfect fit for me,” Dumont said.

Now, he's thrilled the college could soon become the first community college in the state of Ohio to offer a four year bachelor's degree on campus, in one of its most successful fields.

As aspiring microelectronic engineers, Dumont and his classmates must suit up to make tiny micro sensors in the campus's hands on laboratory.

The garments protect the sensors from skin oils.

The class is also working on a cheek swab to check glucose, so diabetics can avoid pin pricks.

College officials said a bachelor's degree would make students more marketable to local employers, and they would earn more money.

“To have an instructor who is excited about your learning and excited about furthering the program, as well as the field, that’s priceless,” Dumont said.

The college applied to the Ohio Department of Higher Education to allow them to turn certain fields into four year degrees and is waiting for approval.

If the bachelor's program is successful, the college could expand it to other fields of study.

College officials said the four year degree would cost about $15,000 for all four years. The same degree could cost that much per year at universities.

The overall goal is to launch a student's career with higher education without the higher prices.

“I’m excited to see students earning a degree made valuable by getting them working, while they’re taking the degree and getting them hired after they’ve received the degree,” said LCCC engineering instructor Johnny Vandeford.