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Lorain County leads Northeast Ohio in vaccinating 5 to 11-year-olds

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Posted at 4:51 PM, Nov 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 18:28:04-05

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio — As children ages 5-to-11 roll up their sleeves for the first time, one Northeast Ohio county is rising to the top of the vaccination rate list.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, 3.72% of Lorain County children in that age group have now received their first shot.

Vaccine Age Group Rates.png
Ohio Department of Health data showing the vaccination rates for different age groups in Lorain County.

That's the highest rate so far compared to other Northeast Ohio counties, and among the top ten rates statewide.

"You see their face and you're like I see an end to this," said Mark Adams, the Lorain County Health Commissioner. He said there are two reasons why their number is so high.

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Lorain County leads the state in vaccinations for kids 5 to 11.

First: they followed through on the promise to the community that as soon as a child dose was approved -- it would be available.

"It really only took about 12-hours to flip that button and start opening those slots up for the families," said Adams.

Second: the county's continuing COVID-19 vaccine education.

"Through social media, through the schools. The main question was when is it available? So, a lot of the parents had done their homework," said Adams.

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Lorain County leads the state in vaccinations for kids 5 to 11.

Of the 2,400 doses initially ordered, 600 have been administered so far.

"We've been waiting patiently," said Joe Accaballo.

Accaballo's daughter McKinley got her first dose Tuesday afternoon at a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in LaGrange.

McKinley said she got the vaccine "because I don't want to get COVID."

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Lorain County leads the state in vaccinations for kids 5 to 11.

The 10-year-old is the last piece in this family's protection puzzle.

"We were really excited for the opportunity to get everyone in our family vaccinated. It makes all of us feel that we are a little safer and we feel good going places without having to worry so much," said Amanda Accaballo.

Once this first wave slows down, Lorain County will take its clinics to smaller locations.

"To the churches, parking lots, to venues to really go for the vaccine-hesitant folks and to educate. Boots on the ground education in the communities," said Adams.

Early estimates show Lorain County will have about 2,500 children 5-to-11 fully vaccinated by Christmas.

"As soon as we open more slots, they immediately get taken, so the parents are watching," said Adams.