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Lorain family left with new home low water pressure mystery

'We can't use 2 water sources at the same time'
Lorain family left with new home low water pressure mystery
Posted at 10:21 PM, May 18, 2022

LORAIN, Ohio — Julie Gedling and her Lorain family were finally able to build their dream home, but instead of pure bliss, they have been left with a low water pressure mystery that's produced nothing but frustration.

The Gedlings said they took possession of the $550,000 home in March 2021, but low water pressure issues won't allow them to perform simple multiple tasks, like showering, washing clothes, running the dishwasher, or watering their new lawn.

“I’m just trying to say it without crying, just awful, only one person can shower at a time, only the washer can be running, the dishwasher has to run by itself," Gedling said. “Laundry and dishwashing, we have to stay on top of it with a family of six, I can’t just let time go by. It's very stressful, not what I pictured when we chose to build. We built before and never went through a single thing like this.”

Lorain family left with new home low water pressure mystery
Julie Gedling of Lorain said she's been dealing with low water pressure for 14-months.

Gedling said she checked with her neighbors, and none of them are dealing with low water pressure problems. Gedling made it clear their builder Drees Homes has been extremely responsive and understanding in trying to solve the issue, running multiple pressure tests and replacing sections of the underground water line three times.

“They show on their faces that they feel my pain and I appreciate that, but since there is no solution, I need help," Gedling said. “If anybody has gone through this or knows how to fix this that’s where I’m at because I can’t keep hoping for the best and staying positive and praying over it, I need help.”

Lorain family left with new home low water pressure mystery
The Gedling family said the City of Lorain and their builder have been extremely active in trying to solve their low water pressure issues.

Gedling said the City of Lorain and its Water Superintendent have also taken multiple steps to find a solution, but with no results.

“The city replaced the curb stop, the city tested the water said it was fine, a second opinion plumber changed the valve," Gedling said.

News 5 contacted Drees Homes about this case and it responded immediately. The company would not issue a formal statement but pledged to continue to work with Gedling family.

The Lorain Water Superintendent gave News 5 the following statement:

The Lorain Utility Department has worked with the resident and their contractor to address issues related to their water service.   Tests have been conducted that indicated that there is adequate service provided to the house.  It is in our opinion that the is a problem within the homes’ plumbing system.

We have gathered all our field data and are forwarding that information to our Engineering Department for their review.

News 5 will follow up on this developing story. Meanwhile, Gedling is hoping her 14-month new home nightmare will soon come to an end.

“So this is our dream home and this is where we’re retiring and staying for when the four kids grow up and bring their kids home for Christmas,” Gedling said. “It’s hard because I want to cry, and I don’t want to because I’ve done enough of that. Building your dream home, I just didn’t want to get upset, but it’s a lot from every avenue of this home, it is absolutely stressful.”