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Lorain man served time for killing first wife now back behind bars for allegedly abusing new wife

Posted at 7:49 AM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 07:53:51-04

His rap sheet is long and terrifying.

Police were called to John Biszantz's Lorain County home more than a dozen times over a five-year period. All for domestic violence disputes, all against his now deceased wife Erin Biszantz.

One report read John "grabbed her by her throat and pulled her out of the bed" where Erin and two of children were sleeping.

A different report read while the pair was driving John "began punching her" and during the assault, she curled up on the floor of the car, but he just kept beating her.

"Repeated engagement with the criminal justice system increases what we call lethality in that circumstance," said Virginia Beckman.

Beckman is very familiar with the Biszantz case. She works with domestic violence victims in Lorain and remembers Erin's death like it was yesterday.

"This case was particularly horrifying," she recalled.

Erin died after she and John got into a physical fight while they were driving back in 2009. She jumped out of the car and injured herself, but he refused to call the police and took her home instead. He plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He could have been sentenced to up to 13 years behind bars, but the judge gave him four.

"If we focus all of our attention on we need to get the victim to do something differently, well guess what Erin is no longer a piece of this equation and that didn't stop the violence did it?" asked Beckman.

Biszantz's latest charges, according to court paperwork, involve his new wife in Ottawa County.

He allegedly choked her and put a can inside of a grocery bag and slammed her in the head with it.

"Mr. Biszantz picked up a can of beans and put it inside the bag. He then, unprovoked, struck her in the side of the head with the grocery bag," wrote the responding Ottawa County Sheriffs' Deputy in a report.

He's also accused of threatening to kill his wife.

Beckman is now hoping this case will be different.

"I would hope that our justice system would have an understanding of that and would do a little more than it did in this case to protect the rest of the society against him," she said.

News 5 spoke with Biszantz's attorney, and he says his client is innocent and adds his new wife has already forgiven him.

Erin's family declined an interview, but say they want John behind bars for the rest of his life.