Lorain residents fed up and frustrated over garbage piling up in their neighborhood

LORAIN, Ohio - Garbage, old mattresses and other junk line yards on North Central Avenue in Lorain.

Neighbors said the garbage has been there for a month.

Neighbors Richard and Stephanie Scalf, said the mattresses have bed bugs and kids play on the mattresses.

"I tell the kids around here to quit picking out of the trash, It's nasty there's like all kinds of dirty stuff in there like bedbugs," said Stephanie Scalf.

A check of the Lorain County Auditor's website shows the property is owned by RWM Real Estate, a company out of Birmingham, Alabama.

City officials said the garbage is probably from evictions.

The representative of the health department for Lorain wrote a letter to RWM.

Officials said they cited RWM and told them to clean up the unsanitary conditions, or they’ll take them to housing court.

The city gave them ten days to clean up. 

Even though the city is not supposed to remove garbage from private property, they said since this could be a health issue, they'll pick it up, if the landlord does not.

Lorain city council member Joanne Moon has also reached out to the company to try and get the garbage hauled away.

"It's been out there for almost a month now, but hopefully we can get it solved, but more and more trash is coming out there, it's getting really bad out there," Moon said.

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