Mistaken identity leads to wrong auto shop taking brunt of complaints over transgender sign

Posted at 3:11 PM, Feb 13, 2017

Gary Baker wants the angry phone calls to stop.


On his web page one person compared him to the KKK.


Baker is dealing with a case of mistaken identity involving two auto shops with very similar names.


It started when the owner of an auto shop posted a sign offending transgender people.


The place that put up the sign is called Northridge Auto Repair.


But a lot of people are calling North Ridgeville Automotive to complain.


It doesn't help that both businesses are located in North Ridgeville.


But, Baker’s business is on Center Ridge Road.


The place with the sign is on Lorain Road.


Baker said when he tries to explain to people shouting at him on the phone they got the wrong place, they call him names and cuss him out.


"I try to explain to the people that it's not me. they're getting us mixed up, but of course they're calling us a liar, we are trying to hide what we did and a lot of people say take your sign down and we will leave you alone you know,” Baker said.


The auto shop that put up the controversial sign, has taken it down.