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North Ridgeville couple fighting East Cleveland traffic camera ticket meant for different driver

Posted at 6:59 PM, Mar 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-28 19:15:58-04

A North Ridgeville couple says they are left fighting a red light camera ticket in East Cleveland meant for another driver. Cherie Cieszynski says she got the ticket in the mail, and although it’s her husband’s name on the ticket, the car pictured is not their car.

The ticket came from East Cleveland to their North Ridgeville home. 

The red light camera ticket stamped with a $95 fine. “At that point, I’m like sitting here like our bumper is not banged up, our car is brand new. That’s interesting.”

She also noticed the Nissan pictured on the ticket had temporary plates, which she says the family’s Nissan did too until they were replaced it in August. “Did somebody steal our temp tag out of the garbage? Somebody is driving around with our temp tags,” said Cieszynski

But when North Ridgeville police took a closer look, they discovered the issue. The tags in the picture are off by one letter to the tags the Cieszynski family were issued. 

However, Cieszynski says clearing her husband’s name hasn’t been an easy task. “When I did call this company and said you did a typo, they said I need to send all my info, my registration and everything proving who we are so they can put it under review,” said Cieszynski.

News 5 went to city hall to help Cieszynski get answers and according to the East Cleveland law director Willa Hemmons everything is done through a third party agency. The only way to get out of the fine is to appeal.

“They handle the hearing and they handle the appeals and they handle collections. We have nothing to do with it... sorry that is the way it is set up.”

Hemmons said it is best not to ignore the ticket. About a year ago, News 5 learned that East Cleveland reinstated their agreement with a collection agency in regards to the tickets.

But Hemmons couldn’t say if that agreement was still in place.