North Ridgeville marching band expected to miss Memorial Day Parade because of labor dispute

Posted at 9:56 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 21:56:37-04

Allison Jalowiec is on the North Ridgeville Rangers High School marching band.

She is also captain of the schools’ Color Guard

Allison was looking forward to taking part in the city’s annual Memorial Day Parade.

Something she even planned to put on her college application.

Those plans are on hold, because of an ongoing labor dispute between the Teachers Association and the School Board.

Some teachers and the band director are only working to the contract, which means they're only working during school hours, putting in no extra time for things like the band.

Superintendent Jim Powell said the band director informed him she will not participate in the labor dispute.

"So there will be no one there to lead the kids, lead the students, and she's doing what her association has asked her to do,” Powell said.

Powell said he heard from parents who want to volunteer because they want the band to be able to march in the parade.

"It's a big job, it's possible, we are exploring the possibility now,” Powell said.

While Allison is disheartened they can't play, she said she ran the idea about parent volunteers by some members of the band, and they said no because they support their teachers and band director during the labor dispute, but hope for a resolution.

"I am definitely glad that we are standing behind and supporting our band director, I know it's something the students want to do, support to them, and support our teachers not just our director,” said Jalowiec.

The teacher’s association will vote Monday night on whether to issue a 10-day strike notice.

That doesn’t mean they will strike, but it does put the school board on notice of the possibility.