Elyria police looking for man who may be holding ex-girlfriend against her will

Posted at 11:12 AM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 17:59:23-04

Elyria police are concerned a woman may be being held against her will by an estranged boyfriend after blood was found at a home where she was in the process of moving out. 

On Monday, police were called out to Eastern Heights Boulevard around 7:45 p.m. after a woman named Michelle Plumley was unable to make contact with her sister, 56-year-old Linnea Satterfield. 

Officers learned that Satterfield was estranged from her longtime boyfriend, 56-year-old Roy Owens Jr.

Shyanne Cadiou was a neighbor of Satterfield and Owens when the two lived together. She said Owens seemed like a pleasant person.

"He would garden a lot, I saw him riding his bike every morning, he’s was always an upbeat guy, that’s really all I knew about him,” Cadiou said.

Plumley told officers that her sister had recently moved out of a home on Charles Court that she shared with Owens.

Officers first checked Satterfield's new home but were unable to locate her. Her sister told officers that Satterfield's purse was left locked in the passenger's seat of her car, something that is uncharacteristic of her. 

Plumley requested that the officers check the Charles Court home where she was in the process of moving out. When officers received no response at the door, they recommended detectives respond to the scene.

Detectives found the front door was locked. When they opened the door, detectives noticed what appeared to be signs of a struggle inside the room. There was also blood on the ground.

Officers were unable to locate both Owens and Satterfield.

Court records show that Owens has a criminal history that includes being arrested for a felony assault in Missouri, disorderly conduct case in Elyria and a domestic violence case against him that was later dropped in court.

Detectives believe that Owens may be holding Satterfield against her will and an arrest warrant has been issued on the grounds of felonious assault and felony domestic violence.

Owens is believed to be driving a 2001 gold Buick LeSabre with Ohio license plate GQM3434.