More purses snatched in Lorain

Posted at 9:09 PM, Mar 31, 2016

Lorain police detectives are now investigating four incidents of purse snatching in the city. first told you earlier this week about female victims who had reported being approached by a man who forcibly took their purses.

The robberies happened at all times of the day and the victims were women who were alone or with small children at the time. 

"I think it's just targets of opportunity," Lt. Edward Super told "If the suspect happens to be in a place where there's nobody else around he sees the victim and it looks like an easy target."  

Police said the first snatching was reported on March 24 at the Dairy Mart on Grove Avenue. The victim was leaving the store when she realized she may have left her keys inside. When she turned around to re-enter the business, the suspect confronted her at knife point and demanded her purse. The victim dropped the purse and the suspect grabbed it. He then fled on foot. 

You can see the encounter in the video below.

On March 24, 2016, around 0700hrs, a female victim was approached by a male who produced a knife telling the female to give him her purse at DairyMart E28th/ Grove Ave. The female throws her purse down. The male grabs the purse and flees. He is described as a White or Hispanic male, 20's-30's, 5'7 , thin build. If male is known in the video or any further information about the incident is known contact the Lorain Police Department Detective Bureau at 440-204-2105 or message this page. All information is anonymous.

Posted by Lorain County CSI: Crime Scene Identification on Thursday, March 31, 2016

The suspect was described as a white or Hispanic man between 20-30 years of age with a slender build, approximately 5-foot 7-inches tall. He was wearing a gray zip-up, hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. 

The second theft happened Monday at Dollar General on Oberlin Avenue. The victim was leaving the store when she was approached by the suspect who demanded her purse. The man then grabbed the purse and was able to wrestle it from the victim before running off, police said. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male of medium build, about 5-foot 9-inches tall. He was wearing a blue flannel jacket.

The next day, a woman pulled up to her apartment on Herbert Drive when she was robbed in a similar incident. Police say the woman was trying to get her kids out of her vehicle when a man came up and demanded her purse, saying he wouldn't hurt the children if she complied. She gave it up and the suspect rifled through it, taking cash before fleeing on foot. The woman said the suspect had a tattoo, possibly of a snake, under his right eye. 

Then, on Thursday, a woman was leaving the Family Dollar on East 28th Street when she was confronted by a man in a ski mask. He grabbed her purse and ran off. The suspect was described as being of thin build, wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt. 

Because suspect descriptions vary, police told that they are considering the possibility that there is more than one suspect. 

"We’re kind of leaning towards its two different people, one that's working our south Lorain area and one that's working our Westside," Lt. Edward Super said. "But it could very well be the same person who is just more mobile than we’d imagine."

Two of the victims noted a knife on the suspect.

Police said none of the victims were injured.  

Last year a similar string of robberies occurred within the city.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lorain Police Department at 440-204-2100.


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