Repeated vandalism at Elyria Little League park frustrates volunteers

Posted at 3:06 PM, Jul 11, 2016

A large baseball complex in Elyria is for families, kids and Little League games. But, it’s been a rocky season for the Elyria East Little League Park.


Last week, someone blew up a porta-potty, ripping it apart with either a huge firework or other explosive.


“We found one of the walls blown off about three or four parking spaces away, and the roof gone,” said Chris Sito who heads up a voluntary maintenance crew.


Large lights were destroyed at the park’s police officer’s memorial.


The concession stand has been broken into and lights broken there as well.


Sito said over the years, even pipes that are used for fences, were stolen for scrap he believes.


Sito, said the league survives on donations, and has turned to Facebook hoping for tips as the vandalism adds up.


“I do a lot of work out here, it’s not nice to come out here and see people who sadly for a moment or two, just are foolish, just totally foolish, and it’s really frustrating,” Sito said. 


The league is considering putting up security cameras.