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Some Sheffield Lake residents foul over fowl

Posted at 6:37 PM, Jul 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-30 18:37:41-04

SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio — Residents lined up at a city council meeting a couple of days ago to express their opinions about a proposed ordinance involving chickens.

The Law Director drafted the proposed ordinance after noise and odor complaints about several residences with chickens and other fowl were brought to the attention of city officials.

One resident who spoke at the meeting was a child.

He lives near one of the homes where complaints have been lodged with the city.

“When I go outside the odor is so bad I can’t ride my bike. I have to go inside because it stinks so bad,” he said.

“I’m embarrassed to be standing here talking to you about this,” said Sheffield Lake Mayor Dennis Bring.

The ordinance would limit fowl ownership in the city to four and would set requirements for coops.

“We have very small lots here, it affects your neighbor,” said Bring.

Some believe the ordinance would make it impossible for residents to own poultry in the city because of the proposed restrictions on the number and on as coop structures.

The ordinance would not effect those who already have more than the proposed limit, but if the fowl died they would not be able to replaced, if the resident already had more that was permitted.

Council is expected to vote on the proposed ordinance next month.