Trash that was piled up on North Central in Lorain is hauled away after News 5 report

Posted at 2:54 PM, Jun 20, 2017

Piles of garbage sat on Lorain’s North Central Drive for so long, it killed the grass.


“The garbage has been out here for months,” said Ania Phillips, who lives in a North Central apartment complex.



On Monday, when News 5 showed up, the trash was definitely there — Bed-bug-infested mattresses and old sofas, broken furniture and bags of trash.


Now, most of the bulk garbage is gone after News 5's story on the garbage Monday.


Mike Mendoza, the building manager, told News 5 the garbage would be hauled away Tuesday. We checked and it was.


Neighbors are relieved the garbage is gone.


“Looks livable out here, that’s what it looks like, before it just looked like a mess, terrible,” said Phillips. 


“It feels way better," said La’Nazzja Locke. "It was pretty trashy out here, but it makes me mad that they had to wait until you guys noticed it, to come out here and pick it up."


Mendoza told News 5 the rest of the trash would be picked up Wednesday, but delivered on his pomise a day early by having a crew pick up the rest of the trash Tuesday night.


“I think it’s wonderful,” said Lorain city council member Joanne Moon. Moon, who contacted News 5 on behalf of neighbors, said the garbage being gone is a welcome sight.


“No more bed bugs, no more children playing on mattresses, all is well and thank you so much,”  Moon said.