Two arrested for death of Elyria woman whose body was dumped in a ditch after she overdosed

Posted at 1:29 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 17:56:03-04

Two men are facing charges in the death of an Elyria woman whose body was dumped in a ditch. A third suspect remains at large.

After police identified the woman whose body was found in Elyria as Naomi Caulfield, 29, an investigation revealed new details of the events that led to the Elyria woman's death.

Caulfield's body was found on April 12 by a woman who was walking her dog on Owl Fowl Road near the Elyria Township dividing line.

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Through the investigation conducted by the Elyria Police Department and the Lorain county Sheriff's Office, detectives discovered that Caulfield had been at 170 Raleigh Dr. in Elyria with three men.

Two of the suspects were identified as Gregory Ralston, 26, and Anthony Barker, 24, who lives at that address.

Police say that while Caulfield was at Barker's house, she took drugs he gave her. She began to show the signs of an overdose and became unconscious.

Barker and Ralston responded by putting Caulfield in the backseat of a Ford Escape and drove her to an isolated wooded area on Old Fowl Road.

Then, they removed her from the vehicle and placed her in a ditch along the wood line on the east side of the roadway. Barker and Ralston told detectives that Caulfield was unconscious at the time but was still breathing with a pulse.

Neither Barker nor Ralston made any attempts to seek medical treatment for Caulfield, according to detectives.

After dumping Caulfield, the pair realized her her shoes and sweatshirt were still in the vehicle. They quickly disposed of the items to prevent anyone from linking the to Caulfield's death.

Barker and Ralston are being charged with reckless homicide. They are currently being held at the Lorain County Jail, pending posting of a bond or an arraignment.

The third suspect in the case has been identified but is still at large.