Westlake podiatrist indicted for groping and sexually exposing himself to an employee at his clinic

Posted at 4:52 PM, Mar 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-29 21:02:13-04

A Westlake podiatrist is facing charges for groping and exposing himself to a female employee last February.

Police say Anthony Polito, 53, solicited sex from a female employee in the hallway of his clinic in Westlake.

The employee reported that she agreed to work a Friday shift for a friend who needed the coverage. She employee had stopped working the Friday shift in order to get away from Polito.

Records show that when Polito learned the employee was working, he found her walking out of the bathroom and grabbed her arm, before asking her for sex with him.

He proceeded to get more aggressive by grabbing her breasts after the employee repeatedly continued to say no and that she had a boyfriend.

The employee managed to break free and proceeded to the front office where he followed her saying she could do anything sexual to him.

According to the victim, it consisted of either the doctor touching her or she touching him and giving him oral sex.

Then, records say, the doctor pulled down his pants and exposed his penis to the victim, asking her to look at it and see if it was big enough for her.

The employee said "no," and got increasingly louder until the doctor pulled up his pants and walked away.

The employee submitted a letter of resignation due to sexual harassment and never returned to work again.

Polito is facing charges for gross sexual imposition.