Wildlife officials: Leave deer and fawns alone

People trying to help do more harm than good
Posted at 4:16 PM, Jun 14, 2016
Chances are, most of us living in northeast Ohio are used to seeing deer, but this year, animal control departments, across our area, are seeing really unusual activity when it comes to the animals. 

People are reportedly touching, grabbing, even transporting their backyard deer.
North Ridgeville Animal Control officer, Brian Gorski, told NewsChannel 5 he's taken some weird deer-related calls, like;

"Hey I found a deer in my yard, but it's ok, my kids are playing with it right now," he said.
Every year- it's something else. 
"We had somebody raising deer in their yard, where it was going into their neighbors porch and scratching at their door to come inside," Gorski told NewsChannel 5.
This year, Gorski has one message: Steer clear of the deer.
Because, he said there are people who are doing the opposite; petting deer, picking them up, even putting them into cars and bringing them to the police station. 
"Bringing them to the station, what are you thinking? Treat these deer like a skunk. Stay away from it," he said. 
Gorski said usually people think fawns they see alone have been abandoned, but that's just not the case.
Amy LeMonds, with the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, explained that if you see a fawn alone, that's normal. 
"They are often left alone for most of their life. Mom returns to nurse them, feed them, make sure they're alright, then she leaves them," LeMonds said. 
She said before anyone plays Mother Nature, it's been to call a wildlife center, like hers. 
"Call us first! So we can give good advice. Let them know if things sound normal. And tell them what to expect," she said. 
You can reach the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center at 440-871-2900. They're located at 28728 Wolf Rd.