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Without clear guidance from the state, school districts attempt to plan prom, graduation events

Posted at 11:34 AM, Mar 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 11:34:44-05

OBERLIN, Ohio — As more vaccines are shipped into the state, Governor Mike DeWine is easing up on some restrictions. Last week, he said schools could begin planning for end-of-the-year events like prom and graduation added that further guidance will be given.

However, schools are still waiting on those guidelines.

In Oberlin, the district's marketing and communications consultant, Melissa Linebrink, said at this point they have no definitive plans adding that it's very important for their students to participate in these milestone events, however, they aren't willing to jeopardize students safety. She said the senior committee of students is working with school administrators to see if there is another gathering they can hold in place of a prom.

"We're just looking at all the other ways that, you know, students can safely commemorate their high school years together," Linebrink said. "It's still very hard right now but we also know that since DeWine is lifting that provision, I guess, you know, our kids are going to start asking about it."

She said there are many other factors they have to take into account for both events.

"We have to listen to what Governor DeWine says, then we have to look at what our COVID numbers are for Lorain County, then we have to see what the county health department guidelines are for us."

Linebrink said regardless of what they decide, graduation and prom will be held outside, weather permitting.