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Active threat training teaches city employees what to do in life or death situation

Brunswick police prepare city workers
Posted at 5:51 PM, Oct 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-01 18:35:01-04

BRUNSWICK, Ohio — City of Brunswick employees got a real-life lesson in being prepared in case of an active threat situation inside Brunswick City Hall on Tuesday. They received critical training vital to saving lives.

“Part of the bulletproof mind is learning your environment,” said Brunswick Police Officer Derek Zelenka.

City workers from different departments converged on city hall for active threat training.

Kelly Musto is one of the workers who took part. She works in the finance department and the number of mass shootings recently has her thinking about safety.

“It’s sad you have to think about it, but it gives you the skills you need,” Musto explained.

Just a few months ago, a disgruntled Virginia Beach city employee opened fire inside the municipal building. That shooting is resonating with Brunswick Police Chief Brian Ohlin.

“What we’re trying to highlight is preparedness,” Ohlin said.

First, there was classroom instruction. Then workers were put to the test of what to do in case of a real emergency like an active shooter scenario.

“Very helpful, as realistic as it needed to be without gun shots,” said city employee Carol Dickens.

If employees should remember anything from the training it is run, hide, fight.

“Run is always your best option. If you can’t run, hide trying to be as invisible as you can. Last option is fight,” said Brunswick Police Officer John Witthuhn.

October is National Crime Prevention Month. Brunswick Police also plan to take part in House of Worship Training later this month.

The Ohio Crime Prevention Association and The Medina County Police Chiefs Association will hold the training at Grace Baptist Church on Oct. 12.