Brunswick City Schools issues letter to parents on mental health after release of '13 Reasons Why'

Posted at 11:34 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 23:34:28-04

Following the release of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, Brunswick City Schools sent a letter to parents, issuing a warning of the graphic content.

The series is about a high school girl who leaves behind tapes after committing suicide. The tapes explain why she chose to take her life.

Some say the episodes glamorize suicide.

"They did make it seem like a cool thing to do. Trendy. They didn't show the seriousness of it,” said parent, Mario Thompson.

Brunswick City School encouraged parents to talk to their child about the seriousness of mental health issues.

"It was too graphic," said one student.

Students admitted the series is what classmates are talking about.

"The girl killed herself and they showed how it happened,” said Martha Thompson. "I wasn't expecting that’s so I turned it off, and like never watched it again."

Another parent, Mike Drum said it highlights something real and serious.

"It forewarns the problems that are going on," he said. 

Brunswick City Schools shared emergency call information in the letter sent to parents. The anonymous tip line, SaferSchools is 844-SaferOH (844-723-3764).