Brunswick families rebuilding after fatal fire

Posted at 7:34 PM, Mar 09, 2016

Days after a devastating, fatal fire in Brunswick, people are still picking up the pieces.

At least 50 are without homes after a fire tore through two Hickory Hill apartment buildings late Monday night

Vinnie Carrino told, he's still wrapping his head around it. 

"It's so overwhelming, I can't even think straight," Carrino said. 

 Carrino said support he and his daughter have received from the community has meant everything.

"I've been offered enough clothes and food to open my own Walmart," he said. 

And while life won't be "normal" for a long time, he said he's thankful for the Brunswick community. 

"This is bringing everyone closer together, obviously," he said. 

Many people have gathered at St. Ambrose Church, where donations started pouring in the night of the fire.

Father Bob Stec said church officials are in awe.

"We've collected 1,600 moving cartons filled with clothes and home items," Father Stec shared.

On Wednesday, volunteers organized thousands of donations, so families could get exactly what they need. 

"Once you go through the 24 to 36 hours of emotion, the stress of it all, now is the time we have to start putting the pieces back together," Jeff Trush said.

Some questions about Monday's fire remain, such as what caused it? asked Brunswick's Fire Chief Jim Baird for an update on the investigation.

"The determination right now is that it's still under investigation and the origin is unknown," Baird said.

The State Fire Marshal is leading the investigation now. Baird said it could take weeks for it to wrap up.