Homes damaged, trees down and power out in Medina County after severe storms Sunday

Posted at 11:29 PM, Aug 28, 2016

Violent storms ripped through Medina County Sunday evening, causing power lines to snap and trees to topple over onto homes and roads.

“The reason I came back up is because I heard water dripping," said Jerry Rollins, a Medina resident. "That’s when I seen I had a limb come through the ceiling of my living room.”

A tree limb flew through the Rollins' roof and pierced their living room ceiling. About a mile away, a downed electrical line caused a small fire in a tree.

“I heard the hail and looked out and saw those two trees coming down right at me," said Joel Fedor, a Medina resident.

Fedor said he counted 25 trees down on his property.

“This appears to be a rotating storm," said Capt. Mark Roberts of the Medina Township fire department. "It didn’t actually touch down but took the tops of trees for several, probably two miles.”

Reports of Sunday's storm being a tornado are still unconfirmed.

Medina Township fire said there were no injuries as a result of the severe weather, which lasted about five minutes.

"This is pretty bad," said Fedor.

"It was quite powerful," said Rollins. "But we survived again. We went through this in Florida, and we'll get through it in Ohio."