Mapleside Farms 'Believeland!' maze to open Sept. 10

Visitors can get lost in the seven-acre maze
Posted at 4:10 PM, Aug 18, 2016

Visitors to Mapleside Farms in Brunswick will get the opportunity to trace the Cleveland Cavaliers championship trophy this year. 

Well, kind of. The seven-acre corn maze will take participants through winding paths that spell the word 'Believeland,' outline the shape of the Cavaliers championship trophy and the shape of LeBron James' head. 

According to the Mapleside Farms website, visitors will be able to tour the roughly 4,000 tree orchard in cow and pig trains, take hayrides to enjoy the 50-mile view of Ohio landscape, ride the 311 foot "Super Slide," and bounce on the "Jumping Pillow" in the jump park, touted as Ohio's largest. 

"What Lebron, Kyrie, Kevin and the entire Cavs team just accomplished for this entire region was incredible.  Truly an inspiration in so many ways.  It was so much more than an NBA championship - they changed the mindset of millions of people overnight. Northeast Ohio just feels different now! It’s incredible really." said Greg Clement, owner of Mapleside Farms. “The positive effect on everyone has been amazing to see, and it’s probably the reason why all three of our boys instantly thought of what Lebron and the Cavs accomplished when we asked them what we should put in our corn maze this year. Could we really honor anything else? No Way!"

The first weekend of festivities, which kick off on Sept. 10, is themed as the 'Princess and Pirates Weekend.' The weekend of Sept. 17 will be themed 'Medieval Fest,' and the 43rd Annual Johnny Appleseed Festival will follow on the weekend of Sept. 24. 

The weekend of Oct. 8 will see the 'Great Pumpkin Fest' at the farm, followed by 'Superhero Weekend,' running Oct. 14, 15 and 16. 

The 'Wild, Wild West Weekend' will follow, beginning Oct. 23. Rounding out the autumn events will be the 'Spooky Fest' beginning on Oct. 29.