State Highway Patrol is investigating what caused a military humvee to crash into a car, killing two

Posted at 6:48 PM, Sep 12, 2016

Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating what caused a military humvee to cross the center line on State Route 14 in Ravenna Township Saturday night and slam head on into a Kia sedan, killing a father and his young son.

"No mom ever expects to bury her baby," said Brittany Bentley, whose six-year-old son Wyatt Bentley was killed. "Wyatt is dead. You don't expect to say that at all as a mother."

Bentley's father Bryan Bargar, 34, of Berea Township also died.

State Highway Patrol said they believe the humvee, which belongs to the Ohio Army National Guard, hydro-planed during Saturday's stormy weather. They are also testing the driver for drugs and/or alcohol and other factors.

Bentley said she received the horrific news late Saturday night and rushed to the hospital. But it was too late.

“To see him, it didn’t look like anything was wrong with him," she added. "He just looked like he had some bruises like he had been playing on the playground.”

Troopers said the humvee was driven by an active-duty military member with two active-duty passengers.

Once it crossed the center line, the humvee first side-swiped a PT cruiser. That driver was not injured. Then it crashed into Bargar's car. 

The speed of the humvee is unknown at the time. It is also unclear where the humvee was coming from or going.

The Ohio National Guard said it cannot comment on the crash because it is a pending investigation. A spokeswoman did say their thoughts and prayers are with the family.

"He was one of those kids, he always had a smile," said Bentley who added that her son and his father had a great relationship. "And it didn't matter who you were or how well he knew you, if you asked him for a hug, he would run up to you with open arms."