Thin Blue Line American Flag fly over downtown Lodi

Posted at 10:32 PM, Sep 05, 2016

The Village of Lodi has taken a step to show their support for police.

Five 'Thin Blue Line' American Flags wave on the square of downtown Lodi. Instead of the usual red, white and blue colors, these flags are navy blue, white and light blue. 

A village councilman saw the flags on social media and showed Chief of Police Keith Keough.

Keough's police Advisory Board agreed to pay for the flags, so the chief presented the idea to the Village Council.

"With the deaths of so many police officers recently, it's a good way for us to pay tribute to them year round." said Keough, "As opposed to just wearing something on our uniform."

The chief said residence have started putting up signs and symbols, like blue ribbons, in their yards to show support for the police.