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8 kittens, mother cat found thrown in trash in Portage County

Posted at 7:32 PM, Sep 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-15 17:24:02-04

PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio — Seven kittens and an adult cat are recovering after they were found locked in a carrier and thrown in the trash, according to the Portage Animal Protective League.

An unknown individual put a mother cat and her eight kittens in a cat carrier, screwed the carrier shut, put the carrier in a trash bag, tied the bag shut and threw it out, the shelter said.

A passerby heard meowing and saw movement coming from the trash bag and called the Portage County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies responded to the scene to assist and called the Portage Animal Protective League, according to the shelter.

The Portage Animal Protective League said that one of the kittens was dead when they found them, and the other seven are not in good shape.

The kittens are half the weight they should be, were found covered in fleas and had worms, according to the Portage Animal Protective League.

Staff at the shelter worked to rid the kittens and their mother of fleas, cleaned them up and gave them much needed food and medicine.

There are three male kittens and four female kittens at the shelter.

Donations are being accepted to help the kittens. To donate, click here.