Kent State students leave for Cuba trip

Posted at 12:16 PM, Mar 20, 2016

A group of Kent State University students is traveling to Havana, Cuba on Sunday. 

The 10 architecture and design students will dedicate five days collecting data and researching an old oil site in Havana Habor. Once the students return to Northeast Ohio, they'll be responsible for creating future development plans for the site. 

One of the students going on the trip said it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

"I'm just excited to put myself in that location and not take for granted every moment that we have there," Connor Wollenzier said. "Right now, Cuba's in an interesting spot because development isn't there yet, so I'm really experiencing the genuine rebirth of Havana."

Terry Schwarz, a faculty member going on the trip, said the site where they'll be studying has architecture and historical buildings similar to those in Northeast Ohio.

"We think Cuba will give them a completely different cultural experience," Schwarz said. 

The students will be studying in Cuba as President Barack Obama makes his first trip to the country. Obama's trip will mark the first time a sitting president has visited since 1928.

"It's hyped up my excitement a little bit," Samantha Ayotte said. "It would be really amazing if we were able to discuss our trip with him or if we could meet with him at all."

The group is set to return March 25.