'He just took a picture of her under her dress:' Woman speaks out about voyeurism inside Walmart

Posted at 3:47 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 10:30:38-04

Amber Huffman told News 5 a man followed her mother and her around the Streetsboro Walmart Friday, eventually sticking his phone up her mother's dress. Huffman chased him while recording him on her phone, yelling: "He just took a picture of my mom under her dress."

Huffman told News 5 she had a gut feeling about him before anything happened.

"I noticed him following us," she said.

Huffman said she shared her photos and video with police and Walmart, and that's how they were able to track down suspect Jack Manthey, 23. (See photo below).

"He came to the station and after an interview admitted to what had taken place," Streetsboro Police Lt. Patricia Wain told News 5. Matheny is facing a voyeurism charge.

"It is a misdemeanor. I suppose if you are a victim of a crime it may not feel as harsh as it should be, it is quite an invasion of privacy," Wain said. (Click NEXT PAGE to learn about the law)

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"My mom's dress was to her knees. He reached down, had his phone on selfie mode, and told cops he took a video!" Huffman said.

The misdemeanor charge could mean jail time or a fine, but Huffman told News 5 she doesn't think the charge is harsh enough:

"You shouldn't have to stop doing something like wearing a dress, because you're afraid someone is going to stick their phone up it and take a video."

Huffman wants to see offenses like this one, especially in a digital age, taken more seriously.

"I think he should be on the sexual offender list. I don't think he should get away that easy," she said.

Walmart did not comment, but Wain shared some advice: Be aware and if you see something, say something.