Kent police warn parents after drugs are found on baby changing station in gas station restroom

Posted at 11:25 AM, Apr 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-03 18:23:49-04

Kent police are issuing a warning to parents about a side effect of drug use that could affect anyone. 

On Friday, a Kent police officer was investigating a suspicious person at a gas station in the city when he caught the person administering a drug that appeared to be heroin or fentanyl in a restroom stall. 

Police said blood and a white powder, a suspected potentially lethal drug, were left on the baby changing station. They identified the man behind it all as Jason Fischer. Fischer has been arrested and charged for possession of drug abuse instruments and drugs.

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But according to police, Fischer isn't alone. Drug activity in public places, especially restrooms, is increasing. 

"We just want the public to be aware and to be safe, not just for themselves but for their children. They could go into a public restroom and come in contact with a drug user or some substance left behind," Lieutenant Mike Lewis with Kent Police told News 5.

Law enforcement officials in cities and suburbs across Northeast Ohio are finding needles, paraphernalia and drugs in public restrooms.

Police say, often times, that is where transactions are happening and users don't want to wait to shoot up. Some Kent police officers are now routinely monitoring restrooms. 

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These drugs can be easily absorbed through skin or could be picked up on a child's hand and ingested.

Heroin Help, an Akron-based recovery group, even posts their information in public restrooms now so addicts will see it.

"That's where they're shooting up, they can lock themselves in there," says Steve Brennan with Heroin Help.