Streetsboro band program suspended, director & assistant direction on leave following hazing claims

Posted at 9:56 AM, Aug 12, 2016

The Streetsboro High School band director and assistant band director have been suspended due to allegations of hazing at band camp, according to district Superintendent R. Michael Daulbaugh.  

Daulbaugh said the school's marching band program has also been suspended indefinitely while the investigation continues. The school is hoping to bring the program back eventually. 

Following band camp at Camp Muskingum in Carroll County, Daulbaugh said the district received two complaints from parents of band members alleging hazing-type rituals such as bullying and belittling over the 3-day span of the camp. 

Band Director Gretchen Weaver and Assistant Band Director Shane Ellsworth were both suspended with pay, Daulbaugh said. They each have been with the district for more than 10 years. 

"Our investigation right now does not show that there were any injuries. Again, these were more harassment, intimidation, bullying, hazing-type activities," Daulbaugh said.

The behavior is in direct violation of the established Streetsboro City School Board policies that prohibit hazing and bullying, according to a released from the Superintendent's Office. 

Daulbaugh said it's not clear if the women were aware or encouraged any of the alleged hazing, but he still felt suspensions were warranted.

"We actually have enough information that some of these behaviors did occur at band camp. They are the director and the assistant director at band camp. They are in charge of all activities at band camp," he explained.

Weaver and Ellsworth, who have been ordered to stay away from the school and school-related activities, will be interviewed by the district.

The controversy surrounding the marching band is expected to be a hot topic at a board meeting scheduled for next Wednesday evening.

More information about the Streetsboro High School marching band will be available on the Streetsboro City Schools website