Streetsboro police arrest woman for drunk driving twice in one day, less than 6 hours apart

Posted at 11:17 PM, Sep 22, 2016

A Ravenna woman was arrested by Streetsboro police for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs two times in less than six hours on Tuesday. 

Dawn Kvasnicka, 48, was pulled over the first time at 9:25 a.m. on State Rt 43 north of State Rt 14, after Streetsboro police received a call about an erratic driver. 

Police dash camera video shows Kvasnicka failing a field sobriety test and falling backwards into her car. 

She was taken to the Streetsboro Police Department where she gave a breath sample of .371, more than four times the legal limit. 

“I think most people at that level would have a hard time standing or even being conscious,” explained Lt. Patricia Wain of the Streetsboro Police Department. 

Because it was Kvasnicka’s first OVI arrest, she was held for less than an hour and released to a friend. 

But at 2:47 p.m., Streetsboro police received another call of an erratic driver on State Route 303. The same officer that arrested Kvasnicka earlier that morning pulled her over again in the police department driveway.   

“We’re going to try that walking exercise again this time,” the arresting officer says in the dash cam video of the second incident. 

Kvasnicka is heard replying, “I can’t walk straight.” 

Lt. Wain said the driver was again arrested for OVI and taken back to the police department where she gave another breath sample of .385. Kvasnicka told officer that she had been drinking since her first arrest. 

Kvasnicka now faces two first offense OVI charges. 

According to court records, she was also charged with bringing drugs into the Portage County Jail when she was booked. She is cited for having one 15mg Morphine pill and one 5 mg Opana pill. 

A Portage County Jail representative told that she would likely be released Friday morning, under the condition that she wear an ankle bracelet.