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Two men charged for having public sex at Ravenna park after authorities receive several complaints

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 17:57:47-04

Two men were arrested on Friday afternoon after having public sex in a Ravenna park, according to the Portage County sheriff.

David Colleen, 65, and Michael Puse, 46, allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct in the picnic area off Marina Drive at West Branch State Park, according to Sheriff David W. Doak.

Sheriff Doak said his office has received several complaints of inappropriate sexual conduct taking place in public bathrooms at that park. The public has expressed its concerns of children and families being affected by this conduct, he said.

Detectives from the Sheriff's Detective Bureau and the Drug Task Force said they observed several men driving between Picnic Areas A and B. Men would leave their vehicles and follow individuals to the restroom where sexual conduct would take place, detectives said. Officials said they saw other men visit the restroom areas where they would spend more than an hour sitting inside a stall.

Detectives said once they arrested Colleen and Puse, they saw several other men sitting inside their cars who immediately left the area.

Colleen was charged with public indecency and Puse was charged with public indecency and voyeurism.