Vandals break glass, set fires and toss eggs at Ravenna Township community centers

Posted at 4:36 PM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-22 17:17:49-04

The Portage County Sheriff's Department is trying to determine if the same people are responsible for extensive vandalism at two Ravenna Township community centers.

On Monday morning, workers discovered a glass door was shattered at King Kennedy Community Center and  someone tried to set a fire on the floor.

"The fire was set possibly with newspaper that we had hanging up on our board, so all of that was destroyed when I came in," said program director Lajoyce Harris.

In addition, outdoor tables were turned over and trash was dumped in the parking lot. Part of the siding on the building was charred, which appeared to be evidence of a second small fire.


"It's really disheartening to destroy other people's property," Harris said. "I think we feel violated."

A few miles away, someone broke into the Skeels-Mathews Community Center and tossed a bunch of eggs against a wall.

The yellow, sticky mess angered the center's program manager, Sharon Sanders.

"It took an hour to clean up back there because once eggs dry, it's hard to get it out," Sanders said.

Workers said the senseless destruction hurts, because the centers focus on doing good for the community by serving meals for seniors, offering computer programs for adults and an afterschool program for kids.

"I would say to whoever did this, I feel really sorry for you that you had nothing better to do with your time, but I'm not angry anymore. I'm just gonna pray for you," Sanders said.

The centers do not have video cameras. Detectives are not sure if the crimes are connected and they didn't have any suspects as of Tuesday evening.