Mansfield man wins $5 million from Mega Millions

Posted at 3:57 PM, Mar 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-12 15:57:52-05

Ricky Rhinebolt bought an auto-pick Mega Millions ticket two years ago, and he kept playing the same numbers. He thought about switching over to new numbers, but his wife advised him not to do it. That advice led him to win $5 million in the March 8 Mega Millions drawing. 

Rhinebolt's added Megaplier and his matched five numbers, without the Mega Ball, helped him to win $5 million. After 29 percent state and federal taxes, he took home $3.55 million. The winning numbers were 27-37-54-66-69 +5. 

On Wednesday, Rhinebolt went back to the Marathon where he bought the ticket to see if he had a winner. 

"Everyone in the store was talking about it because they knew the store had sold a winner. I scanned my ticket and thought, that can't be right so I scanned it again. It said $5 million winner," Rhinebolt said. 

Rhinebolt waited until the line died down, then quietly told the owner of the store that he had the winning ticket. "He came around the counter and gave me a hug," Rhinebolt said. 

The Marathon, located at 495 Woodville Rd., in Mansfield, received a $1,000 selling bonus. 

Rhinebolt said he hasn't thought much about what he will do with his winnings, but paying off bills and maybe a new home are on his list.