One man arrested after home invasion and shooting in Mansfield

Posted at 12:16 PM, Aug 27, 2016

One man was arrested and detectives are still questioning others who may be connected to two separate incidents that took place early Friday.

On Friday around 4 a.m., police reported, a homeowner on Laver Road called 911 and said her daughter saw someone shining a flashlight into her bedroom. When her daughter went into the kitchen, she found two unknown people inside the home. 

Police said the intruders fled the residence, going south on Laver Road in a vehicle. A cell phone, lighter, cigarettes and other items were stolen from the home.

Minutes later, police said, a man called 911 about a suspicious vehicle near the 100 block of South Ford Road. The man said he saw a tan 4-door Buick Century. When he went up to the vehicle, he heard one of the occupants make a comment about being caught. The vehicle then fled the area, hitting a tree and leaving parts of the car behind. The man and other witnesses told police they heard gunshots as the suspects fled the area.

Authorities believe the two incidents are connected. 

The daughter in the home invasion incident used an app to track the stolen cell phone. When it was pinged, police went to Floral Court and Burns Street. Deputies found the vehicle from the incident on Ford Road. The owner of the car lived in an apartment in the 700 block of Floral Court.

SWAT was sent in by Mansfield Police Chief Kenny Coontz, per the Richland County sheriff's request. One suspect exited the apartment and was arrested before SWAT, Ontario Police Hostage Negotiation Team and Mansfield police's HNT arrived at the scene. 

Authorities said HNT had communication with one of the suspects inside the apartment and he agreed to come out. Three others followed him.

Police then used their search warrant and found evidence linking the suspects to the home invasion on Laver Road. 

Detectives are still investigating the incident. Charges have not been filed.