Shelby Senior High student awaits hearing after making threat to school on social media

Posted at 9:32 PM, Sep 27, 2017

A Shelby Senior High student was charged Wednesday night after making a threat to the school, according to Shelby City Schools and Shelby Police Department.

Police received information that the student took to social media about a rumor of a threat he heard at school. Turns out he also included a threat of his own.

The student was charged after an investigation and is awaiting a hearing in Richland County Juvenile Court.

Shelby City School and Police Department released the following statement in regards to the threat:

The Shelby City Schools and the Shelby Police Department take student safety very seriously. Our School Resource Officer has been engaged in the process, and will be at the schools tomorrow. Rumors that students and parents hear are just that. If there are any threats to students or the schools, we will take immediate action to address the situation and work to ensure the safety of students and staff.