30 homes evacuated in Alliance after large amounts of explosive were found inside a vacant home

ALLIANCE, Ohio - About 30 homes were evacuated in Alliance on Wednesday after an investigation led police to a vacant home with what appeared to be large amounts of explosives inside.

Alliance police say an illegal weapon was seized while on a requested stand by in a residence. The weapon was a loaded shotgun with the barrel and stock cut and sawed off.

This led police to the vacant home, located in the 400 block of West High Street, which belonged to the family of the alleged owner of the weapon. Here, officers found what appeared to be explosives hidden inside an old freezer.

About 30 homes were evacuated for about two and a half hours.

The Summit County Sheriff's bomb squad responded to the scene and recovered 39 sticks of dynamite. The dynamite was safely removed and taken to the Alliance police range for immediate disposal.

Wesley Mulinix, 60, was arrested. He is charged with one count of having weapons under disability, tow counts of possessing dangerous ordinance and one count of inducing panic.

Mulinix is being held in Stark County Jail pending arraignment in Alliance Municipal Court. He is being held on $250,000 bond.

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