Akron woman left bloodied and bruised after alleged road rage incident

Posted at 8:11 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 20:11:01-04

The emotional scars Stacey Shiplett bears run far deeper than any of the visible wounds on her face.

"There should be more love, not kind of stuff like this," said Shiplett.

She is referring to the moment that left her bloodied, broken and bruised. Shiplett was on her way home when she pulled up behind a car at a four-way stop on Thornton street and Manchester road. 

"And they kept sitting there and sitting there for a minute, it was more than a minute. So I was like okay, what is going on everyone else is going," said Shiplett.

That's when Shiplett says she lightly blew her horn.

"And he flipped me off... next thing I know the whole car is getting out."

Shiplett says the driver and two other men approached her car.

"First I thought they were going to steal it, then I saw the look in his eyes and I saw pure hate," said Shiplett.

A rage that fueled the driver to pull Shiplett out of her car and throw her to the ground.

"It felt like my face broke, literally broke... and I heard the woman behind me screaming."

Shiplett says she lost consciousness and the next thing she remembers she woke up in the hospital.

"[The doctor] says your nose is broken in three spots, I have a fractured face..  then he said you have broken ribs and of course my lip," said Shiplett.

Akron police tell us they are following up on leads that might identify the men.

"Now I am afraid to drive. I can't sleep at night because I am in pain," said Shiplett.

Shiplett hopes they can identify the man before there's another victim.

Shiplett says she also had to pay to get her car out of impound the next day.

At this time police say the description they have of the suspects is too vague to release.