Brother of man who killed 3 people in Canton speaks out: 'He seemed fine'

Posted at 6:27 PM, Apr 01, 2017

Canton police say Tres Peterson shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne Calderon, her mother Kelly Freshour,  and Timothey Keyser, and then killed himself on Thursday, March 31.

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On Saturday, Peterson’s brother Aaron Peterson talked to News 5 by phone. When asked if Tres had a temper, Aaron said:

"No, he never had a temper. He was always the one when others had a temper, to break things up, make sure everybody was cool, he wanted peace with everybody," Aaron Peterson said. 

Did his brother's recent break up with Cheyenne cause Tres to snap?

"He was hurt. We talked about it, but he seemed fine. He was his normal self. He was smiling, laughing last time I talked to him," Peterson said.

What did cause Tres Peterson to commit such violence?

Aaron Peterson says that's a question he might never know the answer to.

"I don't know. Still all those unanswered questions that I'm going to have to wake up to every day," he said. "I wish I was in his shoes. I would know why he did that, so I could explain to the family why. It's gonna be hard for the rest of my life, I'm gonna have to wake up and wonder why he did that,"

Peterson said he wanted to apologize to the victim’s families for what his brother did.