Canton man's car nearly struck by chunk of concrete that fell from overpass

CANTON, Ohio - Scott Davies was driving westbound on U.S. 30 in Canton, when he says a chunk of concrete smashed to the ground right in front of his car under the Harrison road overpass. 

“I didn’t have time to put the brakes on. I just drove over a big bump then as it hit, I hit it,” Davies said.

Davies called police and he said they both could tell the debris wasn't thrown from the bridge.

They both could tell the debris came from the bridge itself, because they could see where a chunk of concrete underneath the bridge was missing, Davies said.

Some of the paint on his Ford Taurus was chipped, a light knocked out, but because he ran it over, most of the damage is under his car. 

“It knocked the car out of line. I’ve got to get it all back in line. The tires are out of balance,” Davies said.

Davies took a picture of the concrete he ran over and estimates it was a foot wide.

Davies says the officer told him he would notify ODOT.

We called ODOT Saturday to see if the bridge had been inspected before and since the debris fell,  but we haven't heard back yet.  

“It was just a close call for me. The next time it could go through somebody’s windshield,”

Davies said the damage estimate to his car is nearly two thousand dollars.




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