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City of Massillon, Affinity Medical Center reach deal — but it still needs to be approved by council

Posted at 1:12 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 14:23:57-05

The City of Massillon and Affinity Medical Center have reached a deal — but it still needs to be approved by city council. 

If the deal goes through, the hospital will close its doors on Feb. 11 but $25 million in real estate assets would be transferred to the city. That means furniture, fixtures and some major medical equipment in the building would stay.


Judge grants temporary lifeline for Affinity Medical Center in Massillon

Doctors, nurses fight to keep Affinity Medical Center in Massillion from closing

The hospital was expected to close for good on Sunday, but a Stark County judge issued a temporary restraining order to keep it open for another 120 days. 

Earlier this month, the company that runs the hospital gave a 1-month notice that it was shutting down because it wasn't profitable. 

Since then, staff members have been fighting to keep Affinity open, with more than 800 jobs at risk. 

It took two weeks of late-night negotiations to reach Thursday's deal 

The attorney who represents the City of Massillon thinks the proposal has a good chance of passing city council. 

"It's hard to argue with the ability to control your own destiny," said attorney Lee Plakas. "It's hard to argue with the benefit of receiving $25 million worth of real estate assets." 

The special city council meeting is Thursday night. 

If it passes, the community and city leaders will have to decide how to move forward. 

In-patient admissions at Affinity end Thursday but doctors and physicians will be in their offices until March 6.