Gas can that looked like bomb was false alarm

Posted at 9:24 AM, Jan 17, 2016

A suspicious object that resembled an explosive device in Stark County early Sunday morning turned out to be a false alarm, the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Canton Post said.

According to the OSHP, authorities responded to the incident in the area of state Route 212 near Johnsford Road SW just before 3 a.m. after a passerby noticed a gas can with wires sticking out if it in the street that looked like a explosive device.

When the Summit County Bomb Squad detonated the gas can, it did not explode.

The gas can was later found to have a radio power inverter inside of it, making it look like a bomb. Authorities, including the Beach City Fire Department, determined it was not an explosive device. 

No suspect has been identified at this time, and no injuries were reported in the incident. state Route 212 was closed for approximately four hours. The scene has been cleared. 

Authorities said they responded to a similar call in the area of state Route 93 Sunday morning, in which a local fire department removed the item in question. Authorities could not provide further information on that incident.

These incidents come less than a day after reports of bomb threats in Canton evacuated a local Wal-Mart, Circle K and the Canton Police Department on Saturday. Authorities did not end up finding anything suspicious in the buildings.

Anyone with information on the Sunday incidents is asked to call 330-433-6200.