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Ungodly burglar steals several holy relics from Catholic church in Massillon

Posted at 4:03 PM, Jun 15, 2018

Some thieves are just downright blasphemous. Such is the case of a burglar in Massillon who looted three holy relics from a Catholic church last week.

Police said an unknown person climbed through a south side rectory window sometime during the evening of June 6 or during the early morning hours of June 7 at the St. Barbara Catholic Church, 2813 Lincoln Way West, Massillon. After collecting his bounty, the thief sauntered out an east-facing door and fled into the night.

According to a police report, the thief took relics of Mary of Agreda, Saint Valentina and Saint Teresa of Avila. Just in case the relics wouldn't fetch the thief 30 pieces of silver at a pawn shop, the brazen burglar made off with $5,000 worth of items, including Apple computers and external hard drives.

Buyer beware: Anyone thinking of buying the hot merchandise should know the bandit's fingerprints were found on scene and police are working to identify the criminal.

As for the Lord?

He already knows.