Massillon police following leads on possible driver of pickup truck used to abduct, attack girl

Posted at 2:26 PM, Sep 28, 2016

Massillon police are following leads to track down the pickup truck possibly driven by a man who impersonated a police officer, abducted a girl and then sexually assaulted her.

Police Chief Keith Moser said the department has received several dozens phone calls, texts messages and emails about the truck possibly driven by a man who wore a vest and told the girl his parents were looking for her.

The man is accused of luring the girl Monday around 6 p.m. near 2nd Street NE and Cherry Road NE. The stranger forced the girl into a pickup truck, took her a few blocks away and assaulted her near St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

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The girl was able to get away, walked home and reported what happened to her stepfather.

Moser said officers are on the street following leads to find the pickup truck and the driver. 

The news of the attack prompted a local school to take extra precautions in observing students.

Jennifer Fischer, principal of Saint Mary's School, said teachers and parents were notified of the assault and abduction, and were on extra patrol to ensure students were safe. 

The school, which instructs about 200 kids, is close to where the attack occurred and has come close to home.

"It is very unsettling that you have to watch for that so closely, and unfortunately this is just one of the many that has happened throughout the country," Fischer said. "It just hits closer to home because it is right here."